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What Must A Togo Embodied That Will Mightily Impact The World



(NB: The content of this article is a condensed version of a series of papers published on the ideology referred to as Divine Popularism, NE DUKEKLẼ, which can be read at http://ka-akehene-aton.com/nedu.html ).

A pertinent quote to introduce the subject at hand.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

Aton Micaël

Thoughts are creation, and in that lies the whole "great secret" of Life. If human is endowed with a mind that originated from his Creator's Mind and is in the image of his Creator, then we can understand that we too are potential creators in the making. The full weight of this reality leads the thinking mind to see the connection between the falsification-distortion-rewriting of history, which represent the evil of this world, and the thoughts-beliefs that have become the foundation of our journey on Earth.

Consequently, we must always start from the premise that accurate and truthful information is the only way back into the Laws of The Creation, the opposite having sufficiently demonstrated its involutionary, negative nature on society. Based on this knowledge, the one thing needed is to identify the highest information conveyed by the Word of God, The Creation, and put it back at the heart of every human undertaking, from beginning to end.

The developments that follow are along these lines. To fail to align oneself with the guidelines put forward herein is quite simply a sign of deliberate or unconscious refusal to amend these ways, those of Man, by and into balance and harmony of the One Light, The Father-Mother Creator/Creation.

The Path To A Higher Humanity

The evolutionary creatures of the material worlds of life experience are led to progress in successive stages toward a pinnacle where the human species finally reaches its goal set from the start. A highly evolved, higher humanity is born at this point, and a graduation takes place that propels it to the next stage of its unfoldment. This is the ascension process, the purpose of which is to reunite us with our Creator Source, which humans of certain creeds on Earth understand as The Ascending to Paradise With The Father. Except that this is a long ascension process that cannot be discussed herein.

This is the PURPOSE of Life. So, there comes a time in a humanity's journey when myriad years of experience on the three-dimensional material plane have prepared it to consciously take this turn that will enable it to get definitively off the ground to the high realms of Cosmic existence. It thusly enters into the Cosmic Brotherhood of Light, breaking its isolation.

Our Earth humanity is rightly in this transition, where clear, conscious choices must be made that will determine life direction for every embodied or disembodied entity living upon the Earth sphere. These choices are currently in the process of deciding on the Cosmic abode where the being will be stationed, and which will best suit his or her spiritual growth. In other words, some will leave the Earth sphere of Life experience to continue elsewhere in the Cosmos, and the remainder will stay to go along with her in the ascension process.

We've reached this point, and it's vital that the information is spread to the four corners of the planet, and that the potential leadership already present be mightily touched and awakens to its assignment.

People are ready and awaiting, but the leadership is sorely lacking. They are there, but lost in the meanderings of Earth's darkness, which they have come to confront and transmute in the name of the Earth's population and in service of Creator God.

Destiny of humanity on Earth thus depends on the compliance with the commitment made by each soul to its Creator, on determination and love to embody on this path, supported by the Creator, and on the mastering of the planetary, and above Cosmic, games and stakes on this ascensional path toward the transformation of the present civilization into a Higher Humanity where Peace, Joy and Love will reign in perpetual balance and harmony.

A Lighted Leadership Driven by Service Alone

As we know, the best human organization or institution conveying a most grandiose ideology is only worth the quality of the representatives who are the bearers thereof. Therefore, the quality of leadership is of utmost importance in the successful establishment of a substantial Lighted Civilizational System.

When we use the term Lighted (Enlightened), we're talking about a set of qualities to be embodied by the Leader in order to ensure that every institution set up for administrating the nation faithfully reflects same, led by patriots of the same calibre.

Enlightened means into the light. But this light does not always have the same meaning for everyone, just as God the Father or the Divine is differently understood by the various religious, philosophical and spiritual groups of this our world, hence the multiplicity of religious denominations of all types on the face of the Earth. So it's of importance to clarify once again what the expression Enlightened By and In Divine Light means in our historical context of evocation and proclamation of GOD, which has always had the unfortunate tendency of heading us relentlessly straight for disaster. The enlightened is that which and/or that one who has come to understand and embody values increasingly close to those of the Laws and workings of The Creation, which maintain individual, community, Nation in a Universal workings of permanent balanced interchange with the WHOLE and ensuring Peace, Happiness, Life, Equality and Wisdom at all levels and to all.

Nevertheless, to define the concept as we have just done using human words will never be enough to pinpoint the accurate and obvious outlines of the qualities in point on this physical plane of life manifestation, so great is the confusion in people's minds. A detailed explanation will therefore be given as to how these higher thought patterns are to be materialized in the individual and collective life of nations and at the level of national institutions and bodies, signaling that things are on the right track. Once again, because Words have largely become our Ills down here .

Just as the world's current leaders are distinguished by their obedience to the doctrine of Evil, the new leaders who in truth embody change and a total break with the old established order, must know what they are actually fighting for and against, and focus on general interest, real targets, and educating the People into a greater sense of the political stakes and the PURPOSE of LIFE.

Only then can we speak of enlightened leadership.

Amateurism, egocentricity (the cavalier seul) and vanity (complacency) must give way to something much more professional, impersonal and truly timeless. Only unconditional love and dedication in a healthy passion should be at the forefront.

In these circumstances, the support of the people, and of the people alone with the Creator's backing, lends weight and authority to the leaders carrying expectations of the people, forcing respect and worry amongst the conspirators-usurpers who eventually surrender under the effect of the growing light that keeps breaking through into the collective consciousness, causing awakenings and shifts within the masses.

Spiritual Beliefs

Belief systems are fundamental to the nature of current civilization, and of any civilization, in fact. The adjustments which peoples will be able to rely on for the long term and in undeniable fulfillment must, crucially, be made in this area. As the Universal Law states: It will be done to you as you believe in . Since thoughts are creation, and since what we believe is undeniably the result of what we think, the evidence cannot suffer any dispute.

With this in mind, people's belief systems need to be reviewed from top to bottom, so that mindsets can change to align with patterns that enable creation of the living environment to which nations aspire, and reawaken the conscious connection between we-the-people, the creature, and the Creator. To achieve this, the following three (3) Laws of Creator-God must be put into practice as a matter of urgency and priority:




In the present state of affairs, human beings of all races and creeds can well recognize that they have strayed very far from their Creator. The critical situation facing the world tells us all we need to know.

Consequently, the inescapable reform that will transform this field must include the following radical and bold moves:

o Withdrawal of official recognition granted to so-called monotheistic religious denominations, led by the Christian religion and all its offshoots.

o Suppression of all cult practices, whether religious or traditional, unofficial or clandestine, throughout the country.

o Prohibition of all ostentatious religious displays and demonstrations.

o Reclaiming of religious premises to turn them into places for teaching the truth about the Universe, Nature, the Purpose of Life, the Laws of God and The Creation.

o Media and educational institutions are put at the service of the nation's spiritual awakening and evolution toward High Christ and Cosmic Consciousness.

Without a radical rectification of that which is the very basis of a civilization, there can be no hope or claim to enlightened leadership, inescapable starting point for the birth of an enlightened human society.

Conclusion: let's adjust our thinking, realign our beliefs, and rectify our social behavior.

The Political System
Institutions Led by an Empowered People

Once the above development has been properly understood and integrated, the implications at the level of the political system become much clearer.

The nature of an enlightened political system must be such that the entire national population is directly involved and empowered. The people as a whole regain control of their natural Divine rights as legislators and censors. This is the starting point for a restructuring of the system that will make this "Empowering Direct Democracy" possible and easily workable.

On one hand, elections are conducted differently, making the process simpler and more honest without the need for all the counting, control and monitoring mechanisms usually put in place, which prove ineffective in every case. The following process could do the job far more effectively than the current one:

o The national territory is structured into communes or communities of more or less equal size.

o The population of each commune as a whole constitutes the communal legislature.

o A certain number of Representatives are appointed by each electoral district that the commune represents.

o The Representative's mandate is imperative and of unlimited period. He may be removed at any time on the initiative of the electorate.

o The electorate's position is that which is faithfully represented by its appointed Representative.

Take countries such as Togo, Kongo and Nigeria, with populations of around eight (8) million, one hundred (100) million and two hundred and twenty (220) million respectively. A restructuring resulting in communes of more or less one hundred (100) thousand residents provides a total of 80 communes for Togo, 1000 for Kongo and 2200 for Nigeria.

In cases where the number of appointed Representatives exceeds 450, for instance, communes with a population of 250,000 would reduce the number of elected representatives to 400 for Kongo and 880 for Nigeria. In the configuration herein put forward, the number of elected representatives is of no real importance, given that the electorate is the legislative body directly at the source of all decisions taken in this political field.

The Head of State will be elected under the same electoral system by direct suffrage through the communal electoral districts. The process been followed will be the same as that observed for the appointment of communal representatives.

The best way to designate the nation's top official would be as follows:

o Each communal electoral district nominates a candidate for the presidential office.

o The various designated candidates meet in conclave, during which the candidacies of the contenders for the office are first collected.

o Secret ballot to designate the two personalities who will lead the Nation. The first to come out ahead holds the position of Prime Administrator, Head of State, and the second, Vice-Prime Administrator.

The term of office of the first two Administrators of the State is just as unlimited as that of the People's Representative. They can be removed from office at any time when the conditions are met for so doing, via a Popular Referendum initiated by the National electorate.

A Monopolar Political Dynamics

A Monopolar Political Dynamics? Why should this be? We all know that there is a well-publicized multipolar dynamics, driven essentially by Russia and some other nations of the planet, which is supposed to put things to right for the world civilization. However, it is crucial to point out that a world that claims enlightening cannot be in multipolarity as conceived and advocated by certain circles; at most, that can only represent a transitional stage toward the Primal Civilizational Ideal. It should also be noted that the contours of the concept are still rather blurred.

Now to the reasoning behind Monopolar Political Dynamics. This is succinctly summed up in the following terms:


From this point on, what is done and achieved locally must represent that Primal Civilizational Ideal which, in so doing, will become the Lighthouse or Golden Vibration that will mightily irradiate humanity, thus pushing it into the fold of Cosmic Higher Humanities.

Foreign and Diplomatic Relations revised must therefore be defined to achieve this objective.

Independence of the individual leads to total dependency upon the SELF, THE DIVINE SELF within. And this is the foundation upon which Nations must be built as a Matrix of Interdependency, which we call THE ENLIGHTENED CIVILIZATION, since what applies to the Individual, applies to the Nation. The notions of independence and dependency, and therefore of Interdependency , cannot therefore be mutually exclusive.

Such a Civilization, founded under the authority of the Creator, can take no other road than that of a Brotherly Unity embracing all Peoples of Planet Terra.

This chosen road will be defined on the various political levels in a coherent and consequential logic. (see NE DUKEKLẼ, Divine Popularism ).

The National Defense System

Adjustment in this military area will involve a complete overhaul of the very conceptualization of a country's defense and security system. National defense and security will have to undergo a thorough metamorphosis, with the focus always on the materialization of a model that will prove to be more efficient than what is currently in use around the world.

The following points should be considered in a rapid sequence:

Unilateral revocation of so-called defense and cooperation agreements, whether secret or not.

Immediate withdrawal of all foreign/colonial military elements.

Reorganization of the general armed forces in line with the enlightened goal.

To this end, the Police, Customs and Gendarmerie forces should be dissolved and merged into the National Army. Internal and external security duties will be shared between the National Professional Army and another institution we'll call Civil Defense, involving all able-bodied elements of the Nation.

Creation of a National Civil Defense

The Civil Defense will involve the entire Nation's working adult population, and should be organized in such a way as to cover the entire territory with Regional Headquarters, the number of which will depend on the size of the country. Its elements should be trained to the same level of efficiency as all the military of the Standing Army. The country will thus be defended by all the major, well-experienced elements of society, at all times, in support of the Army, which alone would quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of intrusions and aggressions, both external and internal, given the seriousness, frontality and radical nature of the socio-political restructuring to be carried out.

Three General Staffs will have to be created to manage the Defense and Security Forces.

1. The Air-Naval Force Staff

Its forces will be responsible for surveillance and defense of the country's air and sea space. The implication here is that aerial surveillance of territorial waters by appropriate aircraft will be more effective in every respect than the current practice, which has proved its limitations.

2. The Land Force Staff

Its forces will be responsible for surveillance and defense of land space, in collaboration with the Civil Defense forces.

3. The Civil Defense Staff

The Civil Defense Staff will be responsible for land borders surveillance and security, and will act as customs officers. They will also act as a police force for the communes, which will be directly responsible for their organization and administration.

For a Togo with a population of 8 million, the country could be organized into nine (9) Military Divisions. A force of 150,000 paramilitaries, serving under the Civil Defense, per Military Division would make a total personnel of 1,350,000 members.

Proportional increase in size.

The dimension of the National Armed Force should rapidly reach a size capable of securing the national territory without much effort. The defense system needs to be designed in a way that there is an omnipresence to monitor every square kilometer of the territory.

The ultimate goal is to involve one-fifth (1/5) of the population in the territorial defense. For 8 million people, at least 1.6 million will have to be at the service of the National Security.

The Judicial House

Now, to the nature of the justice system in this context of enlightened leadership. What we know and recognize as the justice system on this planet is a total corruption of what justice should be and doesn't deserve to be called by that label. On one hand, the judiciary is ill-educated and under the thumb of the global conspiracy's controllers; on the other, the various codes of law in force look like an endless maze of laws that allow visible and invisible criminal rulers to get away with all manner of entanglements, injustice and total impunity.

With this in mind, all that remains is to make a concrete projection of the perfect system best able to fulfill the role of a judicial system worthy of the name.

First of all, all legal codes as established and in practice in the countries must be abolished.

New, simple and clear-cut laws must be written, based on the Universal Laws of God and The Creation, and other laws faithfully aligned with them. This new single code of law, which we will label Divine Law, will be no larger than a paperback. Laws are not meant to change according to areas, countries or planets. The Laws of Creation are immutable and apply to the atom, cell, individual entity, whole society, planet and the Universe. Consequently, a return to global balance and harmony must imperatively involve the incarnation of Universal Cosmic principles in every facet of human life.

Next, the judiciary must be totally remodeled, with only better-trained, more spiritually aware Judges who have a deep understanding of how the Universe works. As part of this dynamics, lawyers, juries, bailiffs, notaries and others will have to make way for a more appropriate, fairer, unfailing Justice. The very redemption of humanity is at stake.

Tribunals will no longer be part of the scenario.

Three types of court will be retained to judge all the Nation's cases. These will be Courts of Divine Law. They can be organized as follows:

The Universal Court

With jurisdiction over all cases in first instance;

The Superior Court

With jurisdictionover appeals in cassation, constitutionality, conflicts of interpretation and jurisdiction;

The High Court of Divine Justice

Will be the last recourse at the end of any judicial process and will be the Nation's highest court.

An Endogenous, Self-Centered and Humanized Economy

There is a way that would allow our Nations the ability to clean up and sustain their economies, and that is to migrate into an economic-monetary-financial system whose foundations will have such qualities as to preserve them from all the drifts and inconsistencies observed in the world today.

This migration must necessarily pass through a transition that will naturally serve as foundation for the new, enlightened Global Economic Concept.

It needs to be proceeded as follows:

Laying the foundations for an unfailing/impregnable monetary economy.

Taking the major step of anchoring the new economy.

Migrating, finally, to an autarchic Troceconomy, a cashless economy.

Secure Monetary Mechanism

Before any development, it's important to put things in the right perspective once again. All currencies in use around the world should be redesigned with a view of serving the Peoples without the possibilities of manipulation by hostile external forces of international finance, given that virtually all these national or other currencies are controlled by an imbalanced international monetary system that eludes effective supervision by the national institutions meant to be in charge. This centralized control serves to stifle domestic development.

In addition, all currencies must have a fixed and equal exchange rate, so that no manipulation is possible.

Next, there must be a definitive rejection of the Dollar or any other currency as an international transaction or reserve currency. No currency should be more important than any other. This is an element of equality in international relations that needs to be systematized as a priority.

To force this approach, preference must be given to bilateral trading of goods and services in the form of barter, among others. Effective control over raw materials and their use for more noble purposes of direct benefit to the people is part of it.

Financial institutions such as commercial banks and other related entities are to be abolished, and the policy of bank loans banished from domestic policy.

The National (Central) Bank alone will be empowered to manage the medium of exchange in all cases, and ensure domestic and foreign banking operations and transactions.

The national currency will have to be created in a format that does not require recourse to foreign printing presses that hold this monopoly worldwide. More or less two (2) years will suffice to prepare the Nation for the radical changes that are needed.

The national currency put into use after withdrawal from the old monetary system, will only be valid within the National borders, and therefore inconvertible. It is vital to ensure that the various formal and informal exchange modes outside the National Bank are made impossible.

To ensure the inerrancy of the medium of exchange against globalist predators of all kinds, it is proposed to present it in both scriptural and paper form.

Paper currency, for its part, must become documentary rather than anonymous as it is this day. The anonymity of a monetary currency is what makes manipulation of all kinds possible, contributing to weakening and ultimately the destruction of national economies.

The documentarization of the monetary currency will consist in linking monetary issuance to the identities of all Nationals living on the territory and counting as natural partakers to the economy. From the newborn baby to the oldest member of the society. From then on, what is taken into consideration is the real national wealth, i.e. natural and human resources, with money being no more than a medium of exchange that is thus put back in its rightful place. Once implemented, this is sure to neutralize the economic and monetary voyeurism rampant upon this blessed world.

The New Humanized Endogenous Economy

Alongside the setting up of a secure monetary mechanism, the economy in its current form will also have to undergo a radical metamorphosis. Here are the main points that need to be addressed if we are to achieve alignment in this area, which is at one with the whole.

The entire national production must be reoriented to satisfy the needs of the population as a priority.

Food production in general and the general industry must aim for national self-sufficiency in all areas.

Exports of all kinds, with the sole argument of earning foreign currency for state budget, must be halted urgently. Along with imports of anything and everything, which have become the default economic policy of nations.

The state must introduce an enlightened planned economy that will restore order to the sector and ultimately make the various players more accountable. Unchecked free trade is an absolute evil that nations need to get rid of as a matter of urgency.

Predatory taxation, which is just another deceitful ploy to impoverish the masses and, by extension, nations, must be banned and outlawed in an enlightened nation under lighted leadership. No state needs taxing its Nationals for tax income to finance its budget. (See Autarchic Troceconomy , page 47 for more on this subject). You have control of your natural and human resources, and of your currency, and it's all done, provided you're in this enlightened dynamics that puts Man as a Divine creature at the center of everything, and GOD in control of it all through the lighted leadership.

In this way, the national economy will regain its strength, dynamism, stability and sustainability.

Autarchic Troceconomy

At this stage, the economy is viewed from the angle of the Management of elements, of parts of a whole; the manner in which its parts are distributed or apportioned.

Moving from the transitional monetary system to a cashless economy should be an easier and simpler step. And what is referred to as Autarchic Troceconomy, going hand in hand with the suppression of money, is the major step that will eventually seal the Nation's economy against all external dependency and risk.

Things could unfold in the form of the Selfsustained Endogenous Economy, or Autarchic Troceconomy.

It can be asserted that the world's economies have been intentionally forced into a mold of evil, imbalanced and undermining interdependency, and this to allow global control to take hold for the benefit of the conspirators and promoters of the system that it is more correct to refer to as an Enslaving Global Regime of Interdependency. As evidenced by the advanced state of general rottenness of this world.

Manipulation of raw materials prices, quotation of corporations through a Stock Market designed as another tool for promoting so-called financial values that are not, investment capital accumulated by theft and predation, etc., allow to take control at will and/or destroy the real economies of Nations, no matter which ones.

The Free-Trade so touted by the Elite media, in reality, collides with the fundamental Human Free-Will of life experience. Overreliance, if not total, of nations' economies in general, and of Western in particular, on foreign markets and resources renders them frail, malleable dwarfs for some, and giants with feet of clay for others, who will collapse overnight, with acute socio-economic and political consequences, should the situation be reversed or balance be restored. It is this severe and dangerous dependency which is veiled under the disguise of so-called Free-Trade, promoted by obscure interests often invisible.

Multinationals, stock markets, banking and monetary system, educational system, etc., are all tools of the current system of socio-economic predation and domination, which must inevitably and irrevocably give way for a new, lighted approach.

A more balanced system that is respectful of Life Principles must imperatively and rapidly take over from that which is currently in place.

In short, this is what is proposed to all Humanity.

Economies built on the principle of Autarchic Troceconomy, in other words, of Self-Sustained Economic Endogeneity, within large Federal Territories and with optimal qualitative Demography under a lighted control.

To sum up in broad terms, demography, natural resources, economy, money and finance must undergo the same metamorphosis and come to be managed as a single coherent, life-sustaining body.

Housing, Habitat and Labor

Housing policies, for its part, must take the route of individual and family private property accessible to all on an equal basis. Based on the Cosmic reality of the Natural Laws that govern Creation, and which Higher Humanities have come to fully understand and embody, to act otherwise quite simply sends a message to the Universe of evolution denial, of choice to remain in the man's exploitation of man.

All chains of enslavement in every facet of social life need be removed. Only this can open the way to a world that is fairer and more in harmony with the Laws of Creation. And in this area of housing, the status of tenant must disappear. As for habitat, it must be better designed to meet the same needs for harmony and balance according to Creation.

All hands must be involved in the building of the Nation on a basis of equality and empowerment of all. Unemployment, currently so criticized, is first and foremost systemic before been structural. The nature of the system, therefore, is the primary cause. The choice to be made, therefore, is to restructure labor in such a way as to lighten individual workloads. This should result in a rearrangement of the 24-hour day so that life no longer becomes a perpetual chore just to "earn one's daily bread", as the saying goes.

A time investment of four (4) hours per day for four (4) of the seven (7) days of the week should be more than enough to ensure the material maintenance of the population. The other half of the available time is devoted to leisure activities, family life and, above all, to the culture of Soul Evolution, the primary goal of the Soul-Spirit's Incarnational Experience. In this way, it can be said of a Community of Souls that it is finally aligned with this goal, instead of the rat race to that obscure and dumb materialism.

The Educational System

The New Enlightened Approach

The new systemic approach requires a more adequate perception and structuring. This carefully elaborated approach will set up the new orientation observed by the New Educational System. It's very simple:

Enlightened Soul projects an enlightened behavior, which inevitably gives birth to an Enlightened Community which, in turn, produces an Enlightened Nation which can only be at the foundation of an Enlightened and Enlightening Civilization.

Education, truly enlightened information, is the very skeleton of the civilizational paradigm, and this ties in with the imperative need to adjust belief systems discussed above. And in so doing, it must become natural and naturally aligned with the ways of Nature, of Higher Knowledge.

Morally secured and protected in its integrity and wholeness by the State and materially, as well as structurally, handled by its constituent communes, it will perfectly serve its purpose.

Joy, Passion in Discipline, are elements that must be omnipresent and invited throughout the course of study, and throughout Life, for that matter.

In terms of quality, contents, housing and organization will be remodeled from top to bottom. This will involve a re-founding of curricula, as well as a reorientation aimed at better National and Civilizational service. Priority will also be given to improving student facilities as of sanitation, architecture and aesthetics.

The goal being the raising of People's consciousness, new positive values leading to higher aspirations must be omnipresent throughout the curriculum, repetition being the Law, the Rule of the Universe, to achieve the desired high spiritual culture. In this way, communities and nations will rapidly harmonize with the Divine Consciousness.

The organization could take the following form to meet the objectives in view.

The Universal Education in general will be split over two (2) levels and dispensed on the two Universal Campuses hereafter named:

Universal Campus of First Grade

Universal Campus of Second Grade

The Universal Campus of First Grade will be the educational institution covering all levels of education, from primary school to the final year of secondary school, in all disciplines.

The Universal Campus of Second Grade will be the educational institution for enhancing and perfecting specialization in all fields required by the National activity for the perpetuation of a Lighted Civilization.

Each educational institution must have sufficient accommodation capacity to avoid overcrowding in classrooms. A maximum of fifteen (15) students per class is recommended. To be up to the task, it is necessary to create as many institutions as are needed for the students sheltering, and to bring the headcount and efficiency of teaching staff up to the level required by the new paradigm.

Course schedules need to be adjusted so that a good proportion of students are also involved in Civil Defense activities, including Homeland security.


To conclude, let us recall the following Universal principle: What We Think, We Imagine, and What We Imagine, We Create; for Thoughts are Creation.

However, to masterly create, man must co-create with the Creator and intentionally follow the Laws of Creation. Consequently, this can only be done when we have truly understood God and God's ways. Otherwise, all our achievements will be endless suffering, pain and misery in ways contrary to those of the Creator.

The present human civilization is what humanity has attracted and manifested on this globe. With the results facing us, all we have to do is change our ways, this time intentionally and consciously, in co-creation with The Creator, Governor of the Human Races and Supreme King of Wisdom.