Togo, The Veil Removed

A Central Spiritual Base in Service of Evil

What to Understand About the International Status
Apparently Occult of the Republic of Togo



The Ancestors of Humanity and Ewe Culture

Our so-called ancestors, spoken of abundantly by black peoples in Africa and the diaspora, are an extraterrestrial race came to Earth to colonize and mine the abundant resources here lacking on their planet and in their galactic sector.

The human being created in the image of god or gods (eloha/elohim) was their doing, not that of Creator God of Light.

The first created humans, being in their own image, and the process of creation, or more precisely of genetic manipulation/cloning, having taken place on the African continent, which has since been populated mainly by the black or indigo-skinned race, the logical deduction is that they, our so-called ancestors, were of the same skin color, at least in part for those whose genes were used in the making of the human prototype into which we are currently incarnated.

But it's important to emphasize an often-overlooked fact here. Humans have existed and did exist on Earth before the period of the Elohim interference that is always exclusively mentioned when it comes to the creation of man. The first, relatively documented appearance of man on Earth dates back some 1,300,000 years. Other waves followed, from all over the Galaxy, including said ancestors, and they were not all of the same skin color. In fact, there has been a human presence here on Earth going back as far as 18,000,000 years. The various races of mankind did not, therefore, originate on this Earth; they came from elsewhere to establish colonies.

That said, if you were the creations, whatever one may say, first and foremost of a race of men in whose image you were made, it goes without saying that it is to their general culture that you were nourished. In conclusion, almost all the world's cultures have their origins in this ancestral culture which, at some point in history, took precedence over all others.

A quotation to back up this statement.

Tower of Babel

Your Old Testament of your Bible (and other "bibles") will tell you of the Tower of Babel. The point, chelas, was NOT to have a disoriented tower of babbling people all speaking different languages--it was built in the area of Babylon and WAS A LAUNCH TOWER! To involve human-mankind in building such a structure was about the worst mistake made by the "visitors" in those early days. You couldn't and didn’t get along even then. GOD "learns" also.

At that time you still had only ONE ACTUAL CIVILIZATION. So, it was decided that it would be wiser to split up that one civilization and its languages. This period of activity lasted half a millennium and was a period of total chaos. I did NOT say you only had ONE race--I said "civilization". After the split-up the various people of similar nature and identity were either transported or MIGRATED. Since the global land masses were originally in connection but terribly out of balance on the orb, measures had to be taken to stabilize and rearrange for a better stability in both balance of the orb and the stability of the orbiting planet.

Remember, please, that we speak here of 3450 B.C. as to the above measures and actions. There had been humankind on the planet for eons before this event within your time of historical calculations and data were recorded. So, much of the history was oral and became myth--some misinformation but also much truth. The area of the time of chaos of which I just spoke was within the peoples along the Nile River.

It was along the Nile area where the first language of the day and PLACE was recorded. This does not mean that things were not taking place in an even more advanced state in other places--this is simply where the most records are being uncovered.

End quoting

It follows from the aforementioned that there were several human races who shared the same language and culture inherited from common ancestors. Not that one race gave birth to all others, for no race begets another, nor is it transformed into another, whatever external factors involved, except by subsequent interbreeding. They are all intentionally created for the experience of life by Creator-God, except when rebellion breaks out and a Satan interferes with the Plan of Creation through genetic manipulation.

Many of the races that have come to settle on Earth have always kept their skin color after hundreds of thousands of years of living within the weather conditions of our Earth.

The Ewe people of Africa and the Relationship to the Moon

Let's just remember that a single language was common to all human groups evolving on the planet at a given time, before the division that led to the multiplication of languages currently spoken on Earth.

It should also be emphasized here that to speak of Ewe culture, in this context, is to allude to all cultures on Earth, of all races, which originated from the original culture of the so-called ancestors. Ethnology has sufficiently explored the route that will soon be able to demonstrate, without any controversy, the cultural commonality of Earth's human species.

Many people may not know it, but on the Moon, Earth's single satellite, there is at least one human group whose home is the inner of this celestial body. And this group is black and speaks Ewe, the dominant language in Togo, shared with Ghana, Benin and Nigeria.

How can a language spoken on Earth by a minority of the planet's population be spoken by a mysterious people hidden inside the Moon, and a black-skinned one at that? This corroborates the assertion that a single language was common to all human civilization at a given time and that, as we can now claim, this mother tongue was Ewe. As a result, it can be argued that the people of the original Ewe culture, found exclusively in West Africa, are the closest living link to humanity's ancestors.

The information that can be provided here is that there are around 24,000,000 rebellious souls directly at the heart of the anti-Christ conspiracy, of which around seven (7) million are entrenched inside the Moon, while around 17 million are incarnated among Earth's populations, all races combined. Togo being renowned for what more and more people now know to be its nefarious role in this whole stinking situation of planetary Satanic rebellion, you can deduce that a good majority of them are concentrated in this country. And there's certainly a genetic issue at play in the preference for incarnation in certain body types, pre-programmed with a tendency to respond easily to evil solicitations . Hence all the barriers erected in the path of this land and its people in their efforts to reclaim their sovereign powers and finally take freely the direction that is meant to be theirs.

What people also need to bear in mind -- and many are unaware of this -- is that a large proportion of our world's overall population is made up of soulless beings, creatures of the rebel Satan, with no emotions or compassion, and who but simulate being human. And this is a big handicap that allows these dark forces to operate undercover.

What we're talking about here is a pyramidal structure topped by an insignificant minority whose strings are pulled by Lunar kleptomaniac thugs, with tentacles in every state on the planet. It operates under the guise of front organizations with pompous names designed to dupe the masses. Freemasonry, often denounced, is just one of the facades equally exploited and used to do the dirty work and provide cover for the leading conspirators. And even the Illuminati, who are the Freemasons' controllers and manipulators, are merely tools in the hands of these higher forces, hidden in plain sight.

Real control, therefore, is in the hands of the anti-God puppet rebels hidden inside the Moon. And those ones incarnated among Earth peoples are relays ensuring the smooth running of the evil venture, and all under the great mentoring of Satan, the god of shame and usurpation.

It is in this context that Togo's position in relation to the evil that is rampant in the world must be understood.

A people speaking the language of the spirit

Togo is supposedly home to a people who speak the spirit's language. And this language would be Ewe. In other words, Ewe people speak the language through which the spirit communicates with three-dimensional beings. Now let's see the why of this claim.

The ancestors posing as our gods, the Elohim, had to devise a stratagem to make the deception work. To address the peoples under their domination, and make it seem like an intervention of the spirit or a messenger of god, there had to be some stratagem, based on the false teachings passed on to society, by which to proceed to make the whole thing plausible. Making themselves "invisible" in one way or another, and often using some form of technology, while getting their messages across. And the language used in all cases being that of the human deceivers-gods, Ewe, in people's imaginations this language is that of the spirit. Bear in mind that the so famous gods Amun and Ra were physical human beings, just like any of us in this dimension of manifested life. Now, let's consider the spirit-to-spirit communication that takes place between incarnate humans. The spirit of an incarnate being can only communicate with the other in a language he or she has mastered in incarnate consciousness. In other words, if you speak one (1) language or more, you will use it according to the one your contact person is able to understand. Or the other person will decipher in the language he or she understands, if he or she is capable of doing so, because this too is in accordance with the entity's level of evolution.

But highly evolved spirits communicate solely by thought, which is automatically decoded by the recipient's mind into its own language. So when we speak of the language of the spirit, but during these types of communication it's the sounds of a specific language that we hear, you understand without a doubt that these are carnal beings whose consciousness projects itself to exchange, for one reason or another, with other incarnate consciousnesses. Consequently, we can't speak of a language of the spirit as such under these conditions. Otherwise, all languages are of the spirit.

In conclusion, Ewe, the language of the spirit, refers to deceptive ancestors, gods from antiquity to the present day, whom we have difficulties in uncovering.

The Role of the British Crown and Israel Usurped Territory

British Israel plays a central role in the world's predicament. What is British Israel? British Israel is not an organization. It is not visible in whole or in part. It has no expressed or stated purpose as to its true existence. It is the real boss behind the physical land in the Middle East that bears the name.

British Israelism is an organism: invisible, international and informal. It may function legally or illegally within the law or above THE LAW. IT HAS NO ETHNIC, SOCIAL, LEGAL OR NATIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES OR RESTRICTIONS.

The term "Israel" in British Israel and Anglo Israel is an attempt to make the biblical claim that the white race and the nations of Great Britain and the United States are chosen, modern Israel. And this conspiratorial strategy is what the British crown leads and is generally known as a secret conspiracy to establish a world dictatorship. When you take a close look at human society in general within every nation on the planet, you'll see exactly the same political and economic scheme in operation, keeping the masses in a state of puppets, feeling powerless, willing slaves "happy" or unhappy.

The British crown is happened to be the visible central structure through which evil operates on this Earth, all the rest being mere offshoots in direct conscious and unconscious service of the Globalist agenda aimed at a Satanic One World Government.

Now we come to Israel, the land stolen from Palestine, which has become the beachhead, the cherished puppet of British policy in the world, a perfect cover for them to get their dirty work done, to serve as decoys and eventually as a fuse when need arises. What ones need to understand is that since at least the late 1980s, the Israeli element has been the military and intelligence factor in charge of every destabilizing dirty trick in the world, and particularly in Africa. The so much-criticized US Army, put at the forefront, is no more than a hostage coerced into serving the British cause of global hegemony. In political circles, the United States of America are known as Little Israel, in contrast to the Greater Israel, the tiny Zionist state established on Middle Eastern soil . Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Kongo and Liberia, among others, are the results of Israel's work under the command of the British Crown. In reality, we should say under the command of International Zionism controlled by the Khazar Zionist element.

If what's at stake is the completion of the Zionist Kabbalah's Globalist agenda aimed at anti-Divine planetary control, do your own analysis and you'll understand the place Togo, in West Africa, holds in this configuration in relation to the soulless Zionist Khazar element whose only desire is to oppose the Divine Order at all costs.

The Khazarian Connection and Zionist Kabbalah

There exists in this world a particular group of Khazars, supporters of International Zionism, led exclusively by the Khazar elite, originally from Eastern Europe -- this is what is referred to as Zionist Kabbalah. Nothing to do with the descendants of the Judean lineage, commonly identified as Sephardic (Jews). And these Khazars, known as Ashkenazi (Jews), are soulless beings, creatures of Satan. They're not the only ones in this situation, but they're unfortunately the most bastardized and dangerous power faction maneuvering for a global takeover. In reality, soulless beings are to be found widespread among all the races of planet Earth.

Now, as those in the knowing must know, everything starts with the creative mind-spirit and ends up materializing in the physical world. Consequently, a being without spirit/soul cannot create in any way. At most, they are biological machines programmable at will to perform totally vile and evil anti-Life/God tasks. In other words, they serve as human simulacra for the evil thugs lurking in the shadows, acting through them.

That's what the Zionist Khazars are for in this rebellion, human-looking robots infiltrating the three-dimensional outer world of the living. And they act as leaders of the entire anti-God gang on Earth. So, when the peoples and their leaders go to confront these figureheads at the forefront of the global system, it's imperative that they take into account the fact that the reality of power does not lie in their hands.

What About Spiritual Israel in relation to Physical Israel

Togo would be the spiritual Israel while the Israel stolen from the Palestinians would be its physical partner working in tandem, has declared one so-called prophet Isaiah (from Togo). If we take a closer look at the real nature of today's Israel, the whole imposture based on biblical lies fomented long ago by successive generations of history falsifiers is laid bare. God's chosen people are those who at best walk according to the commandments. But when you look at Israel since its inception, all you see is a rogue, criminal state. This leads us to assert without a shadow of a doubt that if Israel, founded on the crimes perpetrated under cover of the two World Wars, represents absolute evil in this world, then its pair, Togo, is the soul that makes it possible to perpetrate it all to this day.

Prophecies and other clues to consider

A 1946 prophecy by a man named Wovenu stated:

Weapons and ammunition will be deployed from one region to another in Gold Coast, in a context of lamentations. There will be no place of refuge.

Togo will know an evil Head of State who will set up a tyrannical regime whose reign will be longer than that of his predecessors and successors.

But if the fathers of this country learn to be brave, a descendant of this tyrannical ruler will succeed him and have a bad dream that no one will be able to interpret for him.

Western cunning will bring down destruction on this stubborn family.

There will be a confrontation between the wicked and the brave. This will be an opportunity to see old rags alongside fine new clothes.

The lion will roam the compound while the wolf hides inside. It would be nice if you could bring them both to me.

This will be the day when Westerners will be dismayed.

The Arabs will laugh at the Germans and the Germans will laugh at the British .

End of quote

Following this quote, a clarification is needed. The source of this so-called prophetic communication is obscure, and this certainly does not come from the Creator-God, The One. But in all cases, the recommendation is always to identify truth in the content of the message, in order to discern the true from the lie. What is true here is that, looking back, it's clear that events have so far occurred as described in the message. But what's important to take into consideration is that those who projected this so-called prophecy are the same ones who worked towards its fulfillment and continue to hope for the successful outcome of their evil quest, and this unfortunately with the conscious and unconscious collaboration of the souls involved.

The outcome partly foreseen by these evil forces is certainly what will happen, but not everything has been revealed in the message. The hope of the manipulators is that at the moment of conclusion, events will turn in their favor, i.e. that they will see to it that there is a regaining by their care. But what is in store for this nation is what was ordained by the Creator-God from the start, and which will transform it towards its accepted destiny. And this for the betterment of nations and the Mother Earth.

The national anthem proclaims Togo, gold of humanity.

But what is the gold of humanity in this context of rebellion? How can we explain the gold of a humanity that is clearly held in the shackles of mental bondage? Why should something that represents gold -- i.e., the ideal, the reference for all others -- wallow in such rottenness and impotency? We're going to take these questions and project answers that are bound to shed light on the real situation as we should perceive it.

But what is the gold of humanity that we're talking about in this context of rebellion?

The simplest and most straightforward explanation is that it's the best of the best of evil, and therefore the reference and central core that makes it possible to maintain and move on with the anti-God Globalist agenda at the expense of a completely enslaved and trampled humanity. If you have a civilization where evil has ended up taking over due to apathy, spiritual and intellectual laziness of the masses, making this the easy way out, you end up with the vast majority seeking only "doing of this evil" for purely materialistic egotistical self-satisfaction.

Because, believe it or not, what most people choose to follow and do with their lives on this Earth is the path of evil. This is out of ignorance, but certainly much more out of apathy.

From that moment on, experts in the field become precisely the gold sought after, the "ultimate" force enabling the "success" of any human endeavor in general.

How can we explain the gold of a humanity clearly held in the shackles of mental bondage?

Because evil can only function in an unhealthy environment of abuse and permanent trauma. For it is in the interest of the very survival of evil to fuel this state of affairs in opposition to the Creator's One Light, in whose presence it cannot exist. In other words, darkness cannot be in the presence of Light.

So, until this conscienceless clique is identified, overthrown from power and neutralized within nations, any change will remain superficial, while rottenness digs deeper into the nations' souls.

Why should something that represents gold, the ideal, the reference for all others, wallow in such rottenness and impotency?

As we've just said, rottenness is the food par excellence of evil. So, where it rages and reigns, the only thing to expect is things we're experiencing in the world these days, particularly in the case that serves as context for this writing, Togo. So why impotency, when to rule you need power? This can be explained by the operating mode of the evil hierarchy, a pyramidal structure in which a minority pulls the essential strings, using lies, threats, fear, violence and murder, all based on the general ignorance of the vast majority of the people.

When you have all these elements in the hands of a small number of individuals wallowing happily in negativity and self-destruction, but a little more in tune with the reality of how Life works, execrable exploitation of the masses inevitably follows. Well, it's knowing how to harness these powerless masses that makes the organized dark forces so powerful. But here we're talking about the soul essences manipulation of the people involved. The perceived impotency and disorganization caused by division, which results in a whole people being trampled underfoot on the material plane of existence, becoming moldable and exploitable at will, is but a result of the enslavement of their very souls.

It is therefore a minority that uses the powers or energies of the sleeping masses to serve dark and evil ends. A people is thus said to be the gold of humanity, but remains enslaved and powerless while it powerfully contributes to stopping any evolution in the positive direction of freedom and fulfillment for the whole of humanity. When it comes to evil, it's a champion in every category -- that's the gold of humanity.

However, a people with enough potential to be so misguided as to serve as the central spiritual force behind the Satanic rebellion is obviously one who will be able to make the biggest difference once things are put to right.

Another confirmation came from a fellow countrywoman from Togo.

The following are remarks allegedly made by the top leader of a neighboring country in 2017 following the protest movement initiated by the Pan-African National Party (PNP). He claims that this country, Togo, is a hotbed of global conspiracy. This compatriot had been granted an audience with the country's president in point, where a negotiation session between the Togolese government and the opposition had just taken place, with the intent of learning more about the obstacles preventing things from moving forward. The answer was that nothing could move the lines coming from African political leaders. The world's great powers have the last word on the whole Togolese issue, specifically.

Togo and Gabon, Clues of the Evolving Stakes

Now, the world has recently seen Togo and Gabon joining the British Commonwealth, and many interpretations have been put forward about it. But the reasons for these apparent changes have always been present. The stakes are those of the anti-God rebellion that was being waged in the anterooms of powers in accordance with a master plan that needed adjustment because of the repetitive failures suffered in recent decades by the Globalists pretending domination over this world.

Gabon, Togo's spiritual pair described as "gold of humanity", is an obvious fact to the informed and mindful observer. So the fact that these two so-called French-speaking countries are joining the British Circle is a non-event, except in the sense that it highlights the games, the stakes, the who and how for the profound reader.

At a turning point in history, the world saw a stunning development to England's advantage; a British empire quickly took shape and the British crown seized the reins of control, aiming at a central world government under its control and remained in command of the agenda, at least on the surface, until recently, during the so-called Cold War, when behind-the-scenes events began to change the game. But, as it has been said, that was only for a while, as the reins of control passed into the hands of the Zionist Khazars by means of the Napoleonic Wars stratagem, from which only they truly profited.

As a result, English, French, Portuguese, Arabic speaking communities and the like serve only to confuse and divide the world, in order to move stealthily forward in attaining their goals.

At this point, we quote from Phoenix Journals N° 42 .

The Majority Present Is Without GOD?

What you perceive and what you HAVE are two greatly varying things. You have myriads of beings who are basically "soul-less", already devoid of God because they are not created nor contained by God -- they are manufactured by Man and are the products of pre-manufactured MAN devoid of Godness. God Creates from Light into Light and at the time of a massive closing cycle upon any physical plane of experience -- most of the beings present are NOT OF GOD! This is heavier testing and measuring (judging, if you will) of the men of God as to placement in the places of Creation.

End quoting.

Now, people should be aware of the fact that the world's population is largely made up of human simulacra, human beings who are not. If the world doesn't take heed of the statement just made on this subject, it will be impossible for people to grasp the nature of the system by which current human society is ruled, no matter which nation put forth. Because trying to grasp their modus operandi without this central element of the equation is a waste of time. And this is precisely what has so far been the stumbling block in the struggle to win back peoples sovereignty as a whole.

What is important to remember about the way the global world is run by power circles or factions is that we are essentially dealing with human simulacra, unnatural beings, as just mentioned, straight out of Satan factory, their non-creator father, great liar and deceiver from the very beginning.

Almost all of the world's top political, military and economic leaders we think we know, are human beings only in appearance. Almost all of them, from the most apparently powerful to the most insignificant. There are beginning to be few exceptions, but that's not the subject of this paper. The leaders of Europe and the United States of America supposedly controlling those of Africa or other places is but a smokescreen. Humanity as a whole is being manipulated by forces of which it knows almost nothing. That's another reason why divide and conquer has worked so well so far. The most treacherous are merely biological robots animated by obscure forces who are the true hidden perpetrators.

Now, in this context, let's take the cases of Togo and Gabon to uncover a few points. It goes without saying that the original rulers of these nations are no longer ensouled human beings, if they ever were. For you must also consider the practice of murdering and substituting cloned doubles or genetically modified look-alikes for leading national figures, with the aim of taking total control of the country's political direction.

It should be remembered that an event has been predicted which will take place in Togo, on the African continent at any rate, sounding the death knell for the current system of predation and enslavement of the peoples of this world. Another fellow country-woman from Togo once declared that a Togolese friend following a Talmud training in Israel had been approached by Israelis who let her know that they have knowledge of the life-changing event about to take place in Africa and which will be set in motion from Togo. This is to tell you that these circles always manage to stay one step ahead of we-the-people, while people are totally distracted in fighting decoys.

Another quote along the same lines:

"There will come a great revolution in Africa -- oh yes, greater than that already under way (statement made in 1990, when the East wind was blowing across Africa, triggering small revolutions everywhere). There will be great impact upon the U. S. for many very strategic metals are received from Africa by the U. S. and these are needed to build your computers, airplanes, automobiles and other such toys.

This will be followed -- overlapping -- by great and widespread revolution in western Europe".

Now, if people can remember, there was a rumor that the current President of Togo died during an evacuation to Israel. But before the world today, the dead Faure E. Gnassingbe is still alive on legs, wandering here and there as if he were really present. Many will say that it was just gossip, but you can be sure that much of it is leaked information about real events taking place behind the closed doors of the powers that be. Cases include Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Pope John Paul II, who have been dead since the late 1970s, but remained alive, playing their roles on the world stage for decades before being removed in 2017 and 2005, as for the last two. (See Peter D. Beter's Audio Letters, AL 41-50 ).

If the first person in charge went through this process, you can be sure that others did too. People must indeed learn to pay attention to what's happening in front of them and all around them, to stop being distracted by distracting slogans of political alternation, fair and equitable elections, etc., because these things will never happen, and even in cases where it feels like they do, it always will be a delusion. Examples abound.

Now we come to the crux of the matter, which is that this president in point has been murdered, and many others are in the same predicament, and replaced by a simulacrum, a double, prepared in advance by the Israelis. That's how they operate. You suffer a discomfort induced by these same people, you end up in an appropriate hospital for so-called treatment, and there a tissue sample is taken, followed by a holographic extraction of your memory, and that's it. Everything has been arranged with this specific purpose in mind: to evacuate him to Israel for treatment, and taking advantage of this to send back a reprogrammed double who, from then on, will be exclusively at the orders of the Zionist Kabbalah through nebulous advisors who now become the sole and true leaders of your nation, without you having any idea of what's really at stake or of the ins and outs of the whole tragedy. It can be stated here that the father, Eyadema Gnassingbe, has been also, at least once, killed and replaced by a double. Why should this be? Because they had to do something in hopes of thwarting the prophecy whose fulfillment would mean their demise.

The assumption here, if you understand the meaning of the aforementioned 1946 prophecy about Togo, is that the son Gnassingbe won't last long after succeeding his father, and that it's under his rule that the Great Revolution will take place that will initiate the total liberation of Africa, which in turn will cause a revolutionary tidal wave across Europe. So you can easily see that a definitively free Africa, dragging predatory and controlling Europe in its wake, signals the end of the old world and the start of a New Age of balance and mutual respect. You will now understand that all this Israeli presence in Africa, and in Togo in particular, with its much-criticized Pegasus spyware and other hidden ventures, is not the work of the government of Togo as such, but of foreign interests busy sowing division, desolation and suffering everywhere for the sole purpose of pursuing an anti-God agenda doomed to failure. This is the Global Plan 2000 (for more information see Phoenix Journals N° 11 and 57 - God Too Has A Plan 2000 ), whose name indicates that it was supposed to be completed by the year 2000. As you can see, almost 23 years later, they've failed to meet the deadline.

Moreover, it is imperative that people realize that the surveillance set up with Israelis collaboration is not directed against the political opposition to the regime in power in the country, but against the entire nation, the official institutions in the first place, to prevent any reversal that will inevitably put an end to the claims of the Zionist Globalists.

In reality, the real Faure E. Gnassingbe, the original, would still be alive, he would have somehow brought about the change that would have been fatal to the system. Many people do not understand why he would have declared on his own, a few years ago, that only a minority benefits from the nation's wealth, and then shut himself up in silence and inaction. It is very likely that it was just after this moment of lucidity that he was removed from the game. It can also be stated here that it was Zionist Khazar interests, not French as such, that imposed the son Faure E. Gnassingbe instead of his brother Kpatcha Gnassingbe, the designated political successor. The conceivable reason was that he would be easier to manipulate to serve their nefarious purposes. So, when this began to elude them, the decision was made to replace him with a double, a perfect look-alike. Pope John Paul II, among others, suffered the same fate (read Dr. Peter D. Beter's Audio Letters for more on the subject).

The same applies to the President of Gabon, Ali O. Bongo, to whom a rather strange and completely stupid scheme was applied to fool the masses. They could have staged a double who had fully recovered from his stroke, but they opted for a physically diminished person who remains at the helm with strength and courage. It's all a game to them, while mocking the people. For these robotoids and/or soulless clones, God doesn't exist and never will.

In addition, for further back up, let's clarify the following occurrences that often come up in political comments and discussions:

The attitude observed by European governments, French in particular, after the 2020 presidential election.

The reason for this is that the game has changed in the court of the conspirators in the face of repeated failures on the road to fulfilling their vision. You can visualize two opposing sides, no longer willing to continue with the same strategy as before. On one side, the faction that wishes to maintain the facade as it is, with the same figure and the same staff, and on the other, the faction that believes that changing figure and staff, while pursuing the same vision, is the best way to proceed, thus giving them a little more time and chance of success. Because doing so calms the masses a little more, making them believe that improvements are finally underway. In any case, that's their mindset, they never really change their ways.

That's why the French government has been caught in the crossfire, for the very first time. Because the faction behind this government was against having stolen the election once again, in favor of the status quo. The position of the United States of America, meanwhile, is explained by the fact that the Donald Trump government in office was the antithesis, the bête noire, of the Zionist Kabbalah. You'll notice that after Trump's forced departure, attitudes have changed on the side of the American embassy in Togo.

The official membership of these so-called French-speaking countries to the British Commonwealth perfectly explains the change in the game, now it's time to deal openly and directly with the mother house.

The symbolism of the umbrella held by French President Macron over the head of Togolese President Faure E. Gnassingbe.

Now, people may well notice that, over time, the situation has evolved, signaling that a settlement has been found or that some "understanding" has been reached. It could also mean that the obstacles have been physically removed, or a bit of both. The message sent by this image of Mr. Emmanuel Macron holding the umbrella over Faure E. Gnassingbe's head is that of confirmation of recognition of Togo as the primary spiritual element around which the whole battle against humanity is being waged, which they certainly are not willing to let slip through their hands. At this stage, the expression should rather be: Togo, the Gold of anti-Humanity.

To back up all that which has just been mentioned, let us quote again from the 1946 prophecy.

" This will be the day when Westerners will be dismayed. The Arabs will laugh at the Germans and the Germans will laugh at the British".

This confirms the reality of the crucial role played by the nation of Togo, the currently sleepy soul of this nation, in this global mess in which we have been taking part for far too long. As soon as this nation frees itself from the clutches of the Beast, there will be disarray within the nations of Europe, and more specifically within the circles of power.

The Beast, deprived of food, will quickly die down.


To conclude, let's paraphrase the great, timeless Bob Marley.

Watch them fight for power and control; they know it's going to be different, that they'll never prevail against Creator-God, but they don't know the hour; so they corrupt and intimidate with their weapons, their money and their lies, trying to definitively undermine people's integrity.

They are convinced that what we know is just what they teach us in their schools and universities, which they use as factories for manufacturing kleptomaniacs and murderers, and that we are so ignorant. Because every time, they can reach us, they think, by means of political strategy.

But the situation has changed, and the decision has been made. There's no way around it, we've reached the end game, whence we'll very soon embark on the next stage.


Phoenix Journals N° 42 -- Unholy Alliance, chapter 3; by Aton

Phoenix Journals N° 116 – Heed Not False Teachings, chapter 10; by Aton

Phoenix Journals N° 13 -- Skeletons in The Closet, chapter 1; by Aton

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