Phoenix Journals N° 14





Among male homosexuals, sodomy or anal intercourse is the act substituted for heterosexual penile-vaginal coitus. This damaging practice provides ready access for the transmission of AIDS and other virulent infections.

Physiologically, the rectum is designed for the expulsion of feces. When sodomy is performed, the peculiar forced inward expansion of the anal canal results in a tearing of the lining as well as bleeding anal fissures.

Violent spasms of the bowel wall may occur as a reaction to the bodily intrusion. Colitis, a severe inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon, often develops as sodomy is repeatedly engaged in. This disorder causes fever, malaise, painful wrenching cramps in the lower abdomen and eruptive diarrhea and commonly contains blood or leukocytes. Along with anal fissure and syphilitic chancre, mucosal ulceration of the rectal area is common in homosexual males.

The prevalence of colitis and rectal lesions among homosexuals is such that they may mask the symptoms of intestinal lesions resulting from Kaposi's sarcoma.

The trauma of sodomy also produces a unique form of inflammatory psoriasis in previously unaffected areas. This psoriasis extends from the rectum to the pubic area, penis and scrotum. This is known as Kobner's phenomenon. During sexual activity, the thin silvery scales which have formed on the inflamed areas are rubbed off, leaving the skin raw, bleeding and exposed to infection. The friction against existing hemorrhoids also leaves their surface vulnerable.

Written before the discovery of HTLV-III/LAV as the AIDS agent, a national case study found: "Blood from rectal mucosal lesions which are known to be common in homosexual males who engage in rectal intercourse, could contain the infectious agent responsible for this epidemic".

Note that this important study detailing the correlation between homosexual behavior/diseases and the prevalence of AIDS was published by the American College of Physicians in August of 1983--so don't go about saying Hatonn is a bigot. There has only been occasional mention of the relationship between homosexual acts/diseases and AIDS transmission in the national media or press. Usually it is in the context of stressing the susceptibility of heterosexuals through IV drug abuse. One major article doing reasonable justice to this correlation was finally published in the December 1985 issue of Discover. However, it unwisely downplays the potential of heterosexual transmission of AIDS. Once present it is walking dynamite.

The damage to the rectal wall facilitates access to the bloodstream of AIDS-infected sperm and other disease-causing organisms. Anal receptive sodomy has been definitely linked to AIDS transmission. Do you see that especially at the time of a female menstrual cycle (when birth control devices would not be used) the infected sperm could cause infection in the already compromised inner uterus which is sloughing oil attached material and already bleeding?

Anal receptive sodomy has been definitely linked to AIDS transmission. In studying the depressed immune systems of practicing male homosexuals in New York City it was found that receptive anal intercourse was the specific sexual activity which correlated most strongly with reduced levels of helper T-cells resulting in immune dysregulation. Do you further see that condoms would be chancy even if employed?


The opening of the urethra, along with penile abrasions and lesions resulting from sexual activity and disease, permit infected bloody secretions seeping out of the damaged rectal tissues to enter the bloodstream of the active partner.


The weakening of the sphincter through repeated sodomy results in fecal incontinence and the dribbling of blood-stained contaminated stool. The involuntary depositing of AIDS virus infected fecal secretions on the benches in locker rooms, toilet seats and elsewhere also creates a potential for spread by this route. Oh, they never told you these things? Well, too late is too late, isn't it? These are things no one wishes to even speak of much less draw pictures for the modest masses of people who use all sexual activities as means of control and vengeance instead of love and then call it love.

Then, you refer to it as "human rights"! So be it.


Sodomy has proven debilitating to the immune systems of passive recipients apart from AIDS infection. During sodomy, the naturally aggressive properties of sperm combined with damage to the rectal wall enable spermatozoa to penetrate the mucosal lining.

A report in the April, 1984 (27th), issue of Science by researchers at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cornell Medical Center, New York, stated that occurrence of AIDS among homosexuals, may have some relation to circulating antibodies evoked as a result of semen deposition in the alimentary canal. Human seminal fluid apparently contains components that potentially can suppress the immune response".

A few weeks later other researchers reported in Lancet, a most respected medical journal, "A homosexual individual is repeatedly exposed to viral antigens such as herpes and sperm antigens which can be absorbed through the intact intestine or through mucosal lesions. Bleeding lesions are not necessary for absorption of spermatozoa and harmful infectious agents during sodomy, but they do facilitate it.

"Host immune responses can be modified by exposure to sperm, with the subsequent formation of anti-sperm antibodies".

During normal heterosexual intercourse, the dynamic qualities of sperm enable penetration and fertilization of the female ovum, resulting in impregnation. The walls of the vagina are elastic and several layers thick, and they have glands which provide natural lubrication during sexual relations. This prevents large quantities of sperm from entering the bloodstream.

In 1984 a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that the association of sperm-induced immune dysregulation with the practice of anal intercourse "underscores the critical structural differences between the rectum and the vagina. While the lining of the vaginal mucosa comprises a squamous multilayer epithelium capable of protecting against any abrasive effect during intercourse, the lining of the rectum is made of a single layer of columnar epithelium. The latter, unlike the vaginal epithelium, is not only incapable of protecting against any abrasive effect, but also promotes the absorption of an array of sperm antigens, thus enhancing their exposure to the immune apparatus in the lymphatic and blood circulation. The high immunogenicity possessed by spermatozoa, coupled with the microbiological flora of the rectum, can work in synergism to generate a state of chronic antigenic stimulation.

"In this connection, four of seven immunodeficient female sexual partners of male patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) also engaged in anal intercourse. An analogous phenomenon can be extracted from the strong association between the high frequency of seroconversion for Hepatitis B virus and the routine practice of 'passive anal-genital intercourse'."

Do you begin to understand the horrible damage the sex therapists such as Dr. Ruth and others, does to an unsuspecting public? In the name of "sexual freedom" ones are taught that all is fine and the more bizarre between consenting adults the more wondrous will be the marriage and/or relationship? They become tools of the "spreaders" of the poison and are most unwittingly utilized.

However, the unsuspecting partners seeking the illusive fulfillment of the relationship touted to be the "all in all" and can't find the incredible experience portrayed in all your media, will try anything to "save their marriage" or "keep the flame alive" and all that drivel of lies. Man was created to find his ultimate join the emotional soul fulfillment--not in a waterbed with intrusion of protrusions--those things were designed for procreation of a species.

During sodomy, the biological design of the rectum combined with the aggressive properties of sperm expedite their substantial entrance into the bloodstream. When this occurs repeatedly, antibodies to sperm develop which circulate and impair the immune system. This happens both apart from and along with infection by the AIDS virus. It likely is a co-factor in HTLV-III infection.

In addition to suppressing the immune system per se, the introduction of sperm containing the AIDS agent has been cited as providing a "Trojan horse" (no pun intended) mechanism for the transmission of the HTLV-III/LAV lentivirus.

Leukocytes in the seminal fluid, also present in colitis-induced diarrhea, carry the AIDS virus directly to the lymphoid organs of homosexual partners, thus achieving a highly efficient transfer of the infection to most lymphoid cells.